In Touch With Our Past

India is a vast country with culture and heritage spread out in its very air. Every light breeze that brushes past us tries to remind us of days gone by, days not affected by the stampeding footsteps of the world. As we are moving forward, every chime of the clock symbolizes one more moment that is being left in the past. As we keep moving forward at a pace that turns faster each day, we are prone to forgetting about the actual beauty of the world we live in.

Our website is all about these moments that are fleeting from memories one by one, anyone helpless to do anything. We wish to focus on the artifacts of our society that cannot be touched, but are present in our traditions and customs as we go through our monotonous day-to-day life.

Before, most designs were unique, intricate works made with the loving touch and back-breaking efforts of a person who enjoyed what they did, but with the mass-produced products in circulation now, our heritage is as good as lost.

Our website hopes to bring back this artwork lost in the pages of history books people are too busy to flip through. We are trying to bring back our identities in a world that has forgotten its roots. With just a brush of your fingers, our products wish to take you back to simpler times and help you feel the shower of our ancestors’ blessings.

The modern world is not a bad place but it is important to remember where exactly we came from. History might be full of lies but the feelings associated with all of it are more true than this world can be. We don’t wish to force on you a past that you were not there for. We simply wish to help you keep in touch with the constantly changing trends of the modern world while holding on to the warm memories of the world that has been before us.

With our website, we hope to bring attention to the values that have been lost, trying to move ahead with the rest of the world. The values today’s generation is not in touch with. The values that brought us where we are. The values that make us.


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