Touché’s Making.

Touché isn’t just an e-commerce site to lure in customers for profit and attention. Touché encourages development and evolution into the modern world alongside appreciating our history and origin. Our agenda is to provide trendy, funky, fun, bedazzling products to spice up your closet and house with one of a kind, handmade pieces. We believe in making every outfit a head turning statement… whether it be your oxidised jewellery, clay earrings, Shanti-Niketan necklace, layered chains or macrame sets your outfit is sure about to stand out due to it’s intricate design and touch of local arts.

Are you a fan of chic bedroom? or do you want an old-fashioned vintage room? If yes else not you’ll for sure find staggering room decors to add your fond of homely touch to any corner of your house. Touché Macrame Wall Hanging with scenic, geometric or earthy design will provide ways to customise any wall. Touché’s Katha stitch sarees bring the nostalgic essence of traditions corrupted by ignorance and expensive price.

Touché Crochet pieces is each manually made into trendy fits for you to choose from, be it skirt or a crop top you name it we’ve got it. We even have endless traditional design ornaments for you to flaunt.

Touché looks forward at expanding our product variety to make this site a versatile source of attraction for every individual from custom perfumes, scented candles, skin and body essentials, etc all planned out for an astonishing launch.

Let’s dig into the origin and making of Touché a little more:

Touché, a name  suggested by a daughter to her mother as a sign of her agreeing to every decision ever made by her in her life for the best. Touché run by a single mom who faced immense pain to raise her daughter alone. Never giving up even if you have nothing to start with is the moto she blindly believed and still till day abides with. Touché serves as an open testimony for her struggles to fulfil her dream… “Never accept defeat as that’s the worst way you can lose”.

Be a part of our small business by supporting it to develop and grow for the best in the future.


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